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Are you a blogger who is short on time??
Do you find you miss coupons and deals because there are so many other things that need your attention?
Do you pay a Virtual Assistant to post your coupons and deals?

If you answered YES to any of these questions then the Shopper’s Haul® Plugins are to help!

sh_suite1The Shopper’s Haul® family of plugins were developed by me, a blogger like you. The idea was born because I work more than a full-time job as a paralegal and ended up missing so many coupons and deals every day that it was stressing me out! I turned to hiring a Virtual Assignment. Don’t get me wrong, I loved my V.A. and she did a great job, but the money I paid out was often more then I made. This is what motivated me to create the Shopper’s Haul® Plugins.

The Shopper’s Haul® Plugins will help you Save Time and Make Money!™ The plugins work around the clock 24/7 so you can take time for you and your family or work on creating other content for your blog! Its a win-win! Join the rest of the bloggers who have realized “they can’t live without the plugins”. Read a few of the testimonials and you will soon see that they change lives! Once you decide to buy …you will soon realize that you can’t live without them either!

Remember, content is key – so its always best if you can personalize your posts to make them yours!

sh_buyextreme**HOT*** Shopper’s Haul® Extreme now With Ability to Post FREEBIES!
This is going to change your blogging life!! The Extreme Plugin was made with every blogger in mind so that each person no matter what their niche can benefit from unlimited deals without having to pay someone else PLUS the added benefit of doing more in less time. It is your deal finding expert! This plugin has the ability to pull images and links from hundreds of different merchants that you choose, thus allowing you the ability to post what you want, when you want. Post affiliate deals, freebies, samples, sweepstakes and giveaways with ease! You will be so glad you did!

Learn more about the Extreme Plugin!


Price: $1.00 – Two Week Trial then $20.99 per month

sh_buyroundupShopper’s Haul® Roundup Plugin
Whether you want a roundup daily, weekly, or monthly – this plugin is for you! It posts from published posts on your site starting with the time date and time you select. Check out the Roundup Plugin Features or Watch the Video Tutorial on how it works put together by Crystal from Color Me Crystal

NOTE: This video was done prior to us adding the category option. When Crystal did the video she didn’t have a choice to select from categories ~ after initial launch we decided to give the option of category selector to make this plugin even MORE functional. We hope to update the video soon.

Price: $35.99

sh_buyamazonShopper’s Haul® Deal Plugin
The Shopper’s Haul® Deal Plugin saves you time so that you can find the best deals from hundreds of categories in just a few minutes once you set it up. And don’t worry – set up is really easy! Amazon® offers hundreds of feeds for you to choose from as well as their tag cloud so you have lots of options for finding just the right deals.

The Shopper’s Haul® Deal Plugin pulls the top 10 deals from the Best Sellers and/or Newest Releases (RSS Feeds) and/or the Tag Cloud and places the deals into individual posts OR you have an option to generate your very own TOP 10 Amazon Deals (in less than 2 minutes)!

website for plugin:
Price: $65.99

sh_buyamazonShopper’s Haul® Deal Plugin Add-on

This is for those bloggers that want it set up for them so they can just start posting on their sites. Comes installed and preloaded with 25 Feeds.

We added this at the request of bloggers who want this up and running as fast as they can with all the roundups ready to go.

To assist we are willing to set up the plugin with 25 feeds on your site.

Click here to view the most popular feeds that we include in this plug-in to get you started!

Price: $25.00

sh_buycouponShopper’s Haul® Platinum Coupon Plugin
Shopper’s Haul® offers a coupon plugin for bloggers who need their coupon fix.    This plugin creates individual posts as well as roundup posts and uses a variation of affiliate networks.   To see the various features available click here.


                                                       Price: $65.99

Contact us for MULTI-SITE Pricing!

sh_buycouponShopper’s Haul® ECoupon Plugin (for electronic coupons)

This is for the blogger who wants to post electronic coupons on their site.

These coupons require no clipping by your readers!

One more way to generate revenue on your site!


Features of this plugin include:

  • Ability to use original XML Feed without the need to switch to other affiliates
  • Ability to set Default Author
  • Ability to Limit Pull 100 coupons first time its installed
  • Timed Interval Posting (15 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes etc) – this pulls all the coupons that release within the time period specified
  • 10 Rotating Titles
  • Ability to create a “standard” HTML post for each coupon / roundup
  • Ability to Pull and create individual coupon posts
  • Ability to Pull and create Daily Roundup of all coupons that released for the day (24 hour intervals) (but you must also pull individual posts at least to draft in order for this to work)
  • Ability to post to draft or publish immediately
  • Rotation of Affiliates – this means instead of you weeding through all the emails you get from your affiliate companies every morning with the links to each coupon that you need to post on your blog one at a time and from each affiliate, you can use the plugin to change the coupons automatically and use the affiliate of your choice
  • Ability to choose the category for each post
  • Tags can be entered directly

Website for plugin:
Price: $20.99