Deal Plugin Features

This is for the blogger who loves Deals!  This plugin works with the RSS feeds that are publicly available on  Whether you are an Amazon affiliate or use Skimlinks Affiliate, this plugin is for you!

I know that blogging takes a lot of time and we are always looking for the absolute best deals. For me, time always seems so limited. Between my full-time paralegal job, my blogging, my hubby, my kids and my every day responsibilities – sometimes I just get overwhelmed and feel like I need an extra 10 hours a day just to get everything that I want to get done finished. Shopper’s Haul® Plugins to the rescue!!

The Shopper’s Haul® Deal Plugin saves you time so that you can find the best deals from hundreds of categories in just a few minutes once you set it up. And don’t worry – set up is really easy! Amazon® offers hundreds of feeds for you to choose from as well as their tag cloud so you have lots of options for finding just the right deals.

The Shopper’s Haul® Deal Plugin pulls the top 10 deals from the Best Sellers and/or Newest Releases (RSS Feeds) and/or the Tag Cloud and places the deals into individual posts OR you have an option to generate your very own TOP 10 Amazon Deals (in less than 2 minutes)! That’s right, I’m not kidding – less then 2 minutes for your very own Top 10 posts! The possibilities are endless with this plugin and you can stop stressing about missing the deals!

Don’t believe how simple this is? Watch the video for yourself. Once you see how easy it is and how much time you will free up during the day for posting your Amazon deals you will be amazed.

Shopper’s Haul Plugins will help you Save Time and Make Money…what could be better then that!

Amazon® and® are registered trademarks of Amazon, Inc. and in no way affiliated with Shopper’s Haul, LLC.

DEAL PLUGIN – $50.99

  • Ability to store unlimited amount of RSS feeds available on
  • Ability to create individual posts;
  • Ability to create Top 10 Roundup Posts;
  • Timed Interval Posting (15 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes, 6 hours, 12 hours etc);
  • Scheduling Next Recurrence of Posts (daily, weekly, monthly);
  • Ability to post to draft or publish immediately;
  • Ability to choose the category for each post;
  • Ability to add tags manually to each feed;
  • Ability to create a “standard” HTML post for each coupon / roudup;
  • Ability to add Banner/ HTML to header of each Roundup; and
  • Ability to add Text / Advertising to footer of each post or Roundup.
website for plugin:




This is for those bloggers that want it set up for them so they can just start posting.  We added this at the request of bloggers who want this up and running as fast as they can with all the roundups ready to go.  To assist we are will set up the plugin with 25 feeds on your site.   These are the most popular feeds to get your started:
AMAZON no longer provides the FREE feeds listed.  You can substitute any additional feed in it’s place OR use the TAGGING Feature.

If you use these buy it now buttons you will need to go back to the STORE page to see your shopping cart.® is a registered trademark of Amazon, Inc. and Skimlinks is a trademark of Skimbit Ltd. These trademarks are not affiliated with Shopper’s Haul, LLC.