Here are some of the most common questions and answers for the Shopper’s Haul® Plugins. If you have a question you don’t see, please free to comment and we will get back to you as soon as we can with an answer!


1) What types of coupon plugins do you offer?

The Shopper’s Haul® Coupon plugins are available for different price levels so they work for every budget. The coupon plugins are not associated with any of the coupon networks but instead provides a means for bloggers to pull coupons from Coupons.com or Saving Star once you are an affiliate of those coupon networks.

2) How do you get the coupons for the plugin?
Many of the networks that offer coupons, provide RSS/XML feeds – the Shopper’s Haul® Coupon Plugins use those feeds to help automate the coupon posting process on your blog.

3) What is swapping of Affiliates for the Coupon Plugins?
We developed the plugin so that you can gain the best possible money per print by using your affiliate network of choice. Please refer to the comparison chart to see which affiliates work with each plugin specifically.

If you would like for us to add additional affiliate networks as they become available, please send us an email. We will try but not all network links are able to work with the plugin – but we do try our best!!

4) What is Rotating Affiliates for the Coupon Plugins?
As all of us bloggers know…it’s all about the print session!! To assist you with trying to get the most money for prints, the Shopper’s Haul® Gold and Platinum Coupon Plugins have an added feature – called Rotating Affiliates. If you check the box that says Multiple Affiliates and enter your affiliate IDs, the coupons that get pulled will rotate the affiliate IDs so each coupon will be different and have one affiliate assigned to each coupon.

5) What are Rotating Titles for the Coupon Plugins?
The posts all use the “title” of the coupon. To make the plugin even a little more versatile we added a spot where you can customize the title by adding something in the front. We have it prefilled out with information but you can change it to whatever you want. IF you want nothing but the coupon title, you should just leave the fields blank.

6) What type of post is generated from the Coupon Plugins?

The coupon plugins are ALL ABOUT YOU!! That means if you have a particular style you like to use for posting coupons – you can do that. Just fill out the HTML portion of the plugin to say what you want, add your graphics, adsense etc and viola – your coupon post – the way you want!

7) What is the Daily Coupon Roundup

The Shopper’s Haul® Gold and Platinum Coupon Plugin provide bloggers with the ability to pull a coupon roundup. At the end of 24 hours the plugin will pull all the coupons released in the past 24 hours – that’s it! No manually doing this every day – which means more time for you to do something else! You again can customize this post – so it matches your style and set it to post when you want.


1) What types of deals does the Deal Plugin pull?
The Shopper’s Haul® Deal plugin is available and works with the public Amazon RSS feeds. The Shopper’s Haul® Deal Plugin is not associated with Amazon but instead provides a means for bloggers to pull Best Sellers and Newest Releases from hundreds of categories provided by Amazon.com